The short sleeve sweatshirt was born out of 1960s campus style, where many college athletes would cut-off sleeves from their standard issue athletic wear. The style was later adopted by 1980s workout culture and was often employed by filmmakers of the era to portray rugged athleticism.

This short sleeve sweatshirt features a U.S. Marine Corps acronym in a red Rayon appliqué and is constructed from a relatively light weight 9oz. Loopwheel knitted cotton. The French Terry is an unbrushed loopback, making it more breathable than its brushed counterpart. Loopwheel machines, on which this tubular constructed fabric is are renowned for their slow knitting pace, producing only a single meter of fabric per hour. However, this low thread tension technique is what sets them apart from contemporary manufacturing methods and creates an exceptional and distinctive fabric. The resulting material is reminiscent of hand-woven textiles and possesses a unique stretchy quality and washed look of old American sweatshirts that can only be reproduced on a loopwheel knitting machine. This loopwheel sweat is knitted in Wakayama, Japan, using extremely rare machines, known in Japan as Tsuriami-ki and even rarer skill and technique, exclusively for The Real McCoy’s.

Unlike mass-produced sweatshirts, The Real McCoy’s use different yarns across the layers of the sweat to achieve the optimal finish, density and comfort.

This crewneck benefits from a raglan sleeve design that creates a flattering silhouette and vintage fit, while improving mobility in the arm. The raglan sleeve was first designed in the mid-1800s for Lord Raglan, a British field marshal, to accommodate his arm movement after losing his arm in the Battle of Waterloo and was adapted into sweatshirt design for Athletic performance.

  • Some shrinkage expected when washed
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Loopwheel Cotton Fabric, 9 oz.
  • Made in Japan on Vintage Tsuriami-ki machines