Cut and repurposed, this A-2 flight jacket is lined with original vintage parachute canopies that would have been used for dropping Airborne troops into combat during the 1940s. The horsehide leather on the Type A-2 / Parachute Camo Lining is hand-finished with aniline dye, which is used to help achieve that authentic seal brown colour. When viewed in sunlight, the unevenness of the hand-finishing is visible, which can be seen on original recommissioned A-2 flight jackets from the 1940s era.  

  • Horsehide, Vegetable Tanned, Aniline Hand Finished 
  • Vintage Parachute (Reconstructed) 
  • 40s Bell-Shaped Talon Front Zipper 
  • Wool Ribbing
  • Made in Japan