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Originally used on aircraft carriers, the Catapult officer jacket was adopted around the middle of World War II in order to clarify the roles of the crew by color and to improve work efficiency. It was originally a pullover smock parka.

The U.S. Navy began exploring Antarctica in 1946 after the war. In 1955, the U.S. military officially set forth various missions regarding this Antarctic exploration. This was called Operation Deep Freeze. It was launched with the cooperation of 11 countries, led by the U.S. Navy. The commanders and other personnel wore then, state-of-the-art N-3A and N-3B jackets, while others were seen with AL-1 or N-1 deck jackets, etc. Among them were civilian scientists and photographers. Many of them are seen wearing clothing modified by parachute riggers (parachute repair team) from surplus clothing. This jacket is a faithful reproduction of an example of the modifications seen in OPERATION DEEP FREEZE. The originally pull-over type outer shell was modified to a front zipper type and an alpaca-wool lined hood, originally an accessory to the AL-1 is sewn on, and lining originally designed for the M-1951 jacket is sewn inside to add warmth.

  • Napped Cotton Cloth Outer Shell  
  • High Twist Wool Pile, Nylon Rip-Stop Lining  
  • Cotton Twill Hood Fabric  
  • Alpaca Wool Hood Lining  
  • #7 Wire Front Zipper, Brass, Cotton Tape 
  •  Cotton Sewing Thread Construction