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The period of World War II witnessed swift advancements in both aircraft technology and pilot uniform. As the war drew to a close, the proliferation of Nylon, identified as the optimal fabric through testing by the Aero Medical Laboratory, coupled with the advent of the Jet Age, paved the way for the creation of a new, lightweight flight jacket known as the L-2.

The inception of the L-2B can be traced back to 1955, following the Korean War ceasefire, and it stood as the quintessential light-zone flight jacket, remaining in service until the late 1970s with subtle modifications over time. Following the L-2A, and the conclusion of the Korean War, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) transitioned the color of flight jackets from the original Air Force blue to the newly designated sage green hue. The TYPE L-2B REAL McCOY MFG. CO. calls back to the earlier models, featuring a distinctive champagne gold wool-rayon lining, specifically crafted using a rayon-wool knapped back lining.

Although the first official order for the L-2B was placed in 1955, it's worth noting that the mil-spec J-7448, outlining its specifications, was created in 1952. Despite this early documentation, no actual orders were finalised based on these specs. Consequently, the J-7448A can be considered the inaugural model of the L-2B.

In the early models, the champagne gold lining was a defining characteristic. However, due to a color error, the original lining likely featured a colour blur resembling the sage green (grey) lining. Notably, post-1961, with the adoption of the D-type, the lining transitioned to rescue orange.

The L-2B shares its pattern with the TYPE L-2A REAL MCCOY MFG. CO., and the iconic sage green colour aligns with the TYPE MA-1 REAL MCCOY MFG. CO.. This crossover of design elements and colour variations showcases the history and evolution of the L-2 series and overall flight jacket development.

Our TYPE L-2B REAL McCOY MFG. CO. is constructed in a custom-produced Nylon fabric that authentically replicates the characteristics of the highly durable nylon material from the 50s. Nylon 66 was invented by DuPont Co. and became the preferred material for military jackets because of its superior durability and flame resistance.

The L-2B is finished an insulating wool ribbing similarly to the B-15C and MA-1. The brass dot buttons are black oxide conversion coated to MIL-SPEC, as are the 50s Oval front and sleeve zippers.

  • 66 Nylon Outer Shell
  • Champagne Gold Rayon-Wool Knapped Back Lining
  • Wool Ribbing
  • Brass Dot Button
  • 50s Oval-Shaped Front and Sleeve Zipper, Black Oxidised
  • Cotton Zipper Taping
  • Made in Japan