The Real McCoy's

The Real McCoy’s most crucial and leading line of reproduction revolves around military uniforms produced between World War II up until the Vietnam War. With the intention of emulating precise details, the reproductions range from stand mass-produced items to exceptionally rare pieces.

With knowledge in the vintage clothing industry spanning over four decades, Hitoshi Tsujitmoto has created a brand like no other. In 1978, with an empty suitcase, Tsujimoto travelled across the United States collecting some of the most highly coveted vintage clothing before bringing them back to trade in Osaka. With the success earned on his return from the states, Tsujimoto began operating as ‘Nylon’ further cementing himself as collector, buyer and seller of vintage before finally opening his own store in the mid 80’s. It was here that he made a leap into recreating pieces from his own collection but taking things a step further and making them even better.
Using this vast archive of some of the finest and most sought after vintage garments from the early to mid 20th century, The Real McCoy’s breathe new life in to clothing from a bygone era, reproducing them through time forgotten techniques that, to some, might not have place in modern manufacturing.

Only the finest materials can be used for a Real McCoy’s garment, with dedicated fabric developers ensuring every piece is not only authentic but even better than the that which inspired it. This is what makes The Real McCoy’s clothing unlike anything else. These are garments for life and the time poured in to each stitch is how the brand is paving it’s way to create a vintage legacy of its own.