Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1933, Buco pairs the first syllable of the founder’s last name, Buegeleisen, with the common abbreviation for company. A prominent manufacturer of motorcycle parts and accessories, Buco produced windshields, mufflers and other hardware alongside jackets, boots and other hard-wearing leather goods. As many of the accessories were crafted of leather, the natural evolution of the brand led to the creation of horsehide leather jackets in the 1940s. Manufacturing was maintained entirely at an in-house factory, allowing the brand to produce the highest quality leather jackets available on the market at the time. The horsehide rider’s jackets produced during 1940s-50s are considered their masterpieces. The quality and perfection of these jackets remain a gold standard for leather jacket designs still to this day.

Buco and its products faded into history but have now been brought back to life. Each model is produced to the precise specifications of the originals. Using the highest quality horsehide available, tanned using traditional methods and finished authentically with aging cotton thread.

Passion and pride for quality is what drives The Real McCoy’s to recreate the very best of history come back to life again, keeping the same characteristics and traits as the originals.