Recognizable for their generous wide-leg silhouette, WOOL OXFORD BAGS first emerged in the 1920s at Oxford University in England. They were initially designed as a practical solution for rowers, who needed loose and comfortable trousers that could easily be slipped over their rowing shorts. The wide legs provided ease of movement, and the wool fabric added warmth and durability.

After being worn around campus, they were banned by the University and became a symbol of rebellion against the more conservative and restrictive clothing of the time. Naturally, this heightened interest in the pants and Ivy League students soon adopted the style in the U.S.

The WOOL OXFORD BAGS from Joe McCoy Sportswear are a four pocket trouser with a corozo nut button fly, details of note are the suspender buttons and cuffed hem.

  • Wool Twill Fabric
  • Natural Nut Button
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Made in Japan