The WOOL CREWNECK SWEATER from Joe McCoy Sportswear is based on the classic 1960s crewneck sweaters that were a staple of Ivy-League style.

Originally designed as a uniform for athletes and military personnel in the early 20th century, the crewneck sweater began making its way into everyday wear by the 1930s. It was embraced by the Ivy League crowd and became a symbol of collegiate style. The sweater's simplicity made it versatile and it was often paired with collared shirts or elevated with a jacket.

This edition of the sweater uses a 7 gauge Lambswool & Nylon blend, with ribbed collar, cuffs and hem, recreating the texture and hand-feel of pullovers from the Kennedy era, which were a perfect weight and fit for layering. The introduction of high-quality Nylon into the Lambswool blend has been carefully considered to achieve the enigmatic charm of early factory production, capturing a moment in time.

  • 7 Gauge Lambswool and Nylon blend
  • Made in Japan