The WAFFLE THERMAL SHIRT S/S has been crafted from a waffle knit cotton cloth and cut with short sleeves. The waffle knit is highly regarded for its distinctive and durable weave. Its breathability, absorbency, and stretch have earned it status as a timeless and practical choice for undergarments since the 19th century.

Notably, thermal underwear fashioned from a waffle knit cloth has played a crucial role in enhancing comfort and morale for soldiers stationed in cold or snowy regions. Even today, thermal underwear is still an essential part of US military uniforms, and it is widely popular with soldiers and other military personnel in many different environments. ‘Thermal underwear’ or ‘base layers’ are worn under other clothing to provide additional warmth and insulation, and they are also used to regulate body temperatures and wick moisture.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Waffle Knit Fabric
  • Short Sleeve
  • Made in Japan