The UNDERSHIRTS, COTTON, SUMMER / COMBAT BATTALION is a lightweight, 6.5oz undershirt originally issued to Marines during World War II.

Often referred to as "Skivvies," the initial models introduced at the beginning of the US entry to the second world war were crafted from white cotton fabric, similar to undershirts worn by the US Navy. However, in the mid-1940s, the design was updated to a green color to reduce visibility to the enemy. Recognising the need for better camouflage, the USMC issued contracts in 1943 for a unique 'Marine Green' undershirt, specifically tailored for combat in the Pacific theater.

Vintage examples can be found that feature extensive customisation. The UNDERSHIRTS, COTTON, SUMMER / COMBAT BATTALION features distinctive hand-applied, stencilled patches to the front and back. While the left sleeve has been patch-reinforced and riveted.

  • 100% Cotton 6.5oz
  • Cotton sewing thread
  • Custom Infantry Battalion stencilling and patches
  • Made in Japan