The U.S. NAVY UTILITY JACKET, a deck workers' essential, marks a significant evolution in naval uniform construction, crafted from a navy cotton sateen fabric shell and has been meticulously recreated by The Real McCoy’s MFG Co.

The 1950s heralded a turning point in naval attire, with denim's prominence giving way to innovative materials as the Vietnam War loomed on the horizon.  The U.S. Navy introduced a new Utility Work Uniform that consisted of a cap, jacket, and pants, all made from the same material and color. Initially, a strict regulation dictated that these garments were to be worn as a cohesive uniform, not as separate pieces. However, by 1962, this requirement was relaxed.

The necessity for mass production of work clothing to support war efforts led to the integration of nylon and synthetic fibers as lining in the jacket. This strategic choice had a profound impact on the production speed, enabling rapid deployment of uniforms to deck crew.

By the mid-'60s, there was interest in developing a new uniform, but budgetary restrictions delayed this until the early '70s. As a result, the Blue Sateen uniform remained in use throughout the 1960s and into the '70s, making it a recognizable part of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War era.

The nylon lining, with a unique napped reverse side, offers exceptional heat-retention properties while maintaining a lightweight feel. The Real McCoy's U.S. NAVY UTILITY JACKET remains painstakingly true to the original with a specially designed nylon pile knit, mirroring the original lining's handle and comfort. This meticulous attention to detail contributes to the vintage utility jackets' status as coveted pieces of militaria.

While the U.S.N. Utility Jacket benefitted from the latest fabric technology of the time, enduring design elements from the past were preserved. The jacket’s button placket and concealed zip, inherited from the A-2 and N-1 Deck Jackets that proceeded it, added a layer of protection that prevented zip metal corrosion from salt exposure while on deck. The U.S. NAVY UTILITY JACKET is completed with a heavy-duty 50s brass zipper with cotton placket taping and authentic tonal buttons that fasten the cotton flap layer.

The Blue Sateen uniform represents a period of transition in naval attire, reflecting both practical considerations and the broader cultural shifts of the time. Its enduring presence during these years speaks to its functionality and adaptability within the context of the U.S. Navy's needs and traditions.

  • 100% Cotton Sateen shell
  • 100% Nylon pile lining
  • Two side entry pockets
  • 50s oval brass zipper
  • Button up front flap
  • Made in Japan