The U.S. NAVY DENIM DUNGAREE JUMPER was a workwear alternative to the Dress Blue Jumper, constructed from Wool that became standard issue uniform for the U.S. Navy during the American Civil War. From 1901, the use of a Denim Dungaree Jumper was authorized as a more practical alternative, the protocol of which was covered in The Bluejacket’s Manual, first published in 1902 and eventually issued to all new Navy Recruits. The U.S.N. Denim Jumper initially featured a pull-over design but by 1918 the open-front design was in use, a design more applicable to War time.

Throughout World War II, Denim Jumpers were a popular choice for workwear, particularly for deck work on naval ships. The WWII version has been reproduced here with a meticulous attention to detail.

The shawl collar on denim jumpers is believed to have been inspired by the flap collar of Sailor’s Dress Blues. This design feature was an aesthetic consideration but also helped to protect sailors from cold breeze on deck.

Until WWII when they had to be replaced with celluloid due to the restriction of use of metal, Removable custom-made ‘NAVY’ branded buttons were commissioned and are reproduced here to the original MIL-SPEC.

The top side is made of steel and copper-plated, and finally treated with a black oxide coating, also known as ‘Blackening’. The rationale behind this design is that if the buttons are rubbed off, the copper plating underneath will prevent light from reflecting and revealing the wearer's position on the front lines. The backside, or bottom half, is also made of steel, but is only black-lacquered to prevent rusting of the material.

Eyelets were placed at the hem to accommodate "Clothes Stops" - small lengths of white cotton cord with brass ends. The Clothes Stops were the Navy's version of clothespins and were issued to all new recruits as part of their standard gear. They were used to tie freshly washed laundry to a clothesline or other convenient place to dry.

The U.S. NAVY DENIM DUNGAREE JUMPER features a comfortable shoulder, flared Sleeve, and a short hemline and to the front a two patch pockets.

The Denim Dungaree Jumper is introduced alongside the U.S. NAVY DENIM DUNGAREE TROUSERS.

  • Will Shrink Like Denim
  • 10oz. Gray Weft Denim
  • Steel Change Button with Black Oxide Coating
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Made in Japan