The U.S. ARMY MILITARY THERMAL SHIRT follows the honeycomb pattern of the Undershirt, Extreme Cold Weather, issued to US military in the 1970’s. The yarn count is the same as in our previous iteration, but has been reduced in density to improve comfort while wearing, yet it still maintains warmth and sturdiness. Original vintage models included ventilation holes, while this version has gussets under the arm instead, for ease of mobility.

The original use of thermal in the US military started in WW2 when the US military began issuing thermal underwear to soldiers as a way to keep them warm in cold weather. Thermal underwear was incredibly useful for soldiers stationed in cold or snowy regions, and it helped to drastically improve comfort and morale. Even today, thermal underwear is still an essential part of US military uniforms, and it is widely popular with soldiers and other military personnel in many different environments. ‘Thermal underwear’ or ‘base layers’ are worn under other clothing to provide additional warmth and insulation, and they are also used to regulate body temperatures and wick moisture.


  • 100% cotton honeycomb thermal
  • Gusseted underarms for ease of movement and comfort
  • Made in Japan