Manufactured by The REAL McCOY MFG. Co. The TYPE N-3A is the successor to the Olive N-3 that built on the success of the B-9 and B-11 jackets that came before it. The N-3 was the first of its kind to use a nylon cloth as a shell and this has been carefully recreated here by REAL McCOY MFG. CO. using a 66 nylon.

Following the N-3 jacket and the US Air Force gaining independence in 1951, the N-3A would mark this turning point by being manufactured in an Air Force Blue. This distinction would be made for only 2 years until the N-3B would come into production.

The TYPE N-3A REAL McCOY MFG. CO 66 nylon shell is a meticulous reconstruction of the iconic yarn developed by DuPont Co.. Nylon 66 is more flame resistant and durable compared to other nylon fibres and after studying this intensively we have been able to develop a cloth that accurately embodies the qualities of this fabric.

Lining the body of our nylon 66 is a cotton wool pile, the hood has been finished with a beaver lamb mouton fur with coyote trim. A true to the era #7 wire zip in aluminium finish fastens the parka, with 50s oval zippers sealing the nylon cuff sleeves. DOT buttons have been used throughout.

  • 100% nylon 66 shell
  • Cotton wool pile lining
  • Beaver lamb mouton hood lining
  • Coyote fur trim
  • DOT buttons
  • Wire zip with aluminium finish
  • 50s Oval sleeve zipper
  • Made in Japan