A Reproduction of the Type MA-1 flight jacket, introduced in the 1950s and becoming the flight jacket of the U.S. Air Force. This classic bomber is constructed from a Custom produced fabric that authentically replicates the true colour and characteristics of the highly durable nylon material from that era. 

Nylon 66 was invented by DuPont Co. Nylon 66 is more flame resistant and durable compared to other nylon fibers. The Real McCoy’s have studied the original Mil-Spec formula to replicate its yarn, density and weave, a full original of the brand. 

We have updated the fit of our house named Real McCoy's MFG. CO. of the MA-1 which now has closer fit to our Type MA-1 Lion Uniform Inc. (MJ18109). The pattern incorporates the vintage-specific shoulder lines and sleeve curves, while also pursuing ease of wear in the modern age.

  • 66 Nylon Shell and Lining 
  • Wool Pile Interlining 
  • McCoy's Original Front Zip 
  • 50s Talon Sleeve Zipper 
  • Wool Ribbing
  • Made in Japan