3 zones existed in pilot uniforms (Heavy, Intermediate, Light, classified with how high altitude and the temperature the pilots would be in during combat). The L-2 was the successor of the A-2, which was to replace nylon as the main fabric from leather. The design is based of the B-15, removing the mouton shearing collar, replacing it with wool knit collars. The leather was replaced due to inconsistent sourcing and evolution of jet engine aircrafts. The L-2 was only produced for a short span quickly replaced by the L-2A making it a rare jacket in the vintage industry, and not many can be seen with patches or any customization by pilots.

Nylon 66 was invented by DuPont Co. Nylon 66 is more flame resistant and durable compared to other nylon fibers. The Real McCoy’s have studied the original Mil-Spec formula to replicate its yarn, density and weave, a full original of the brand.

All L-2 series linings are made with Nylon x Wool or Rayon x Wool, woven in a specific way to have the nylon or rayon on the front, and wool on back. The backside (wool) is napped for warmth. This fabric will consist the durability of the nylon or silky touch of rayon on the front, with the warmth of the wool on the backside.

  • 66 Nylon Fabric
  • Nylon/Wool Napped Lining
  • 50s Talon Front Zipper
  • DOT Button
  • 100% Wool Ribbings
  • Made in Japan