The Real McCoy’s TYPE B-3 is a faithful reproduction of the original USAAC B-3 jacket. The B-3 was made for and mainly issued to bomber crews who flew at higher altitudes and was typically meant to be worn with its matching A-3 trousers. Compared to the B-2 before it, which was designed for milder weather, the B-3 was constructed with sheep shearling, which is not only better for cold-weather protection, but also lighter and more productive, making it the ideal material for cold-weather equipment.

The Royal Air Force had actually adopted the sheep shearling lining before the U.S., and their ‘Irvin Jacket’, which was created in the early 1920s for the RAF, by Leslie Irvin, is widely considered to be the inspiration of the B-3. The B-3, to this day, is still considered to be one of most widely recognizable flight jackets in the world, being immortalized by Steve McQueen and Marilyn Monroe, amongst others.

The TYPE B-3 REAL McCOY MFG. CO. features a lightweight, but dense and warm sheepskin lining wrapped in a cowhide body shell with the jacket’s accents having a horsehide leather finish. There are DOT button-type fasteners over a 40s bell-type nickel plated zipper on front of the jacket as well as belt-style fasteners at the collar and the sides of the jacket for sizing adjustments. There is also a convenient and deep waist pocket on the right-front of the jacket. All in homage to the original design.

  • Sheepskin, Combination Tanned, 25mm-10mm
  • Vegetable Tanned Horsehide Trimmings
  • Brass DOT Button-closures
  • 40s Bell-Shaped Talon Front Zipper, Nickle Finish, Cotton Tape
  • Single front deep waist pocket
  • Adjustable cinch belts on waist
  • Cotton-sewing thread construction
  • Made in Japan