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NameTYPE B-15D / FIGHTING - 437th

RemarksThe Real McCoy's MJ20108

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This is a reproduction of the B-15D from the early 1950s which was eventually replaced by the iconic MA-1. In the mid-late 1940s came a milestone in aviation history, the Jet Age. As technology vastly improved with the advent of turbine jet engines, allowing aircrafts to fly much higher, faster and travel farther than ever before. New jets were more streamlined in design with smaller cockpits than previous planes therefore the U.S. Airforce required a new aviation jacket that would have less bulk and be able to withstand the cold from the higher altitudes. The fabric selected for the new flight jacket was a high quality nylon with wool pile lining. The first interation of nylon flight jackets were grouped in the "B Series" in the late 40s and was the B-15B. The B-15s shared many similarities to its successor the MA-1 except it had a mouton collar. 

Nylon 66 was invented by DuPont Co. Nylon 66 is more flame resistant and durable compared to other nylon fibers. The Real McCoy’s have studied the original Mil-Spec formula to replicate its yarn, density and weave, a full original of the brand.

  • Outer shell and lining: 66 Nylon Fabric
  • Interlining: 100% Wool
  • Mouton Fur Collar
  • Wire Shape McCoy Front Zipper
  • Bell Shape Talon Sleeve Zipper
  • 100% Wool Ribbings
  • Made in Japan