From The Real McCoy’s Red Cross Brand, The Ticking Stripe Pajama Trousers are a humble, understated loose fitting tie-waist pant for daytime use. Constructed with cotton sewing thread and finished with Takase Shell buttons, the Pajama Trousers are a relaxed, comfortable fit.

Ticking stripe fabric has a long and practical history. It dates back to the medieval times in Europe, when it was primarily used to cover mattresses and pillows. This fabric needed to be durable and tightly woven to prevent the feathers, straw, or other stuffing materials from poking through.

The classic design of ticking stripe - narrow, uniform stripes in muted colors on an off-white, background - was a practical choice as well. The fabric was often made at home, and the simple design was easy to reproduce. The muted colors were typically the result of the natural dyes available; highlighting the fabric's original purpose as a utility fabric rather than one used for its aesthetic qualities.

  • Ticking Stripe Fabric
  • Takase Shell Buttons
  • Tie-Waist Closure
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Will Shrink in Length when washed
  • Made in Japan