The Snap Buttoned Pullover is an undisputed staple of American outdoor clothing. Its inception came from the 1970s Climbing Culture that evolved in places like Joshua Tree National Park and Yosemite Valley. At that time, climbers typically donned simple, utilitarian attire, frequently sourced from Army surplus stores. This included items such as cut-off chinos, military khaki trousers, and white cotton and flannel shirts. As the climbing scene grew, there was demand for purpose designed products and synthetic fleece material was a milestone development in fabric technology in the late 70s, allowing for a new generation of recreational attire for the 80s.

Brushing acrylic fibres created piles that mimic the appearance of natural shearling. The outcome is a fabric that is not only warm and waterproof but also exceptionally soft. Artificial fleece was a remarkable innovation in textiles. Compared to wool, its closest natural counterpart, acrylic has the advantage of not absorbing water or body smells and offers double the insulation properties. But early iterations suffered from a scratchy texture and lacked strength.

The SNAP FRONT PULL-OVER FLEECE from Joe McCoy retains the drape and silhouette of those early versions and is constructed in a heavy cotton-acrylic fabric to create an overall superior garment.

  • Two-tone trimming
  • Cotton Acrylic Fabric
  • Urea Snap Button Cap
  • Made in Japan