The RAYON OPEN COLLAR SHIRT / THUNDERBIRDS has been made from a Cotton/Rayon blend, woven and cut to achieve a boxy silhouette and comfortable fit around the shoulder. The shirt features a Thunderbirds Squadron embroidered logo patch to the right chest, a single patch pocket to the left and true to the era chain stitch embroidery on the back. Urea buttons close the front placket.

The Thunderbird squadron is one of the premier aerobatic teams in the world. Visually, the Thunderbird Squadron is distinguished from the more pragmatic fighter troops with a greater emphasis on style and branding. As such, an array of branded merchandise and novelties bearing the instantly recognizable Thunderbird insignia exists.

The squadron was formed in 1953 as the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, with the mission of promoting the Air Force and demonstrating the capabilities of its aircraft. The squadron was initially equipped with the F-84G Thunderjet, which was succeeded by the supersonic F-100C, becoming their signature aircraft, and it performed its first demonstration in May 1953 at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. During the first six shows, the team was known as the Stardusters. However, after those initial performances, the name was changed to Thunderbirds, influenced by the local Native American culture around the Luke base. The Native Americans believed in the thunderbird, a sky creature resembling an eagle or a hawk that represented power and ruled the skies. According to Native American mythology, the thunderbird played a crucial role in ensuring victory in times of war by casting thunders and lightning from its eyes.

The iconography of this folklore formed the basis for the squadron’s insignia, as seen here on the  RAYON OPEN COLLAR SHIRT / THUNDERBIRDS

  • Cotton rayon blend
  • Thunderbird logo patch
  • Chain stitch embroidery
  • Urea button fastening
  • Made in Japan