In the 1970's, the word 'M-65' was removed from the garment label and was replaced with "PARKA, EXTREME COLD WEATHER.  

Parkas with "PARKA, MAN'S M-65" printed on the label are recognised as an early model on the vintage market today. The key differences between the early model and the later 70s model of the M-65 Parka is the different alignment of inside buttons that allowed for a thermal liner and the lack of name tape on the chest, a feature which is seen on the later models. 

The silhouette is a large relaxed loose fit, with sewing specifications and cotton-nylon blended fabric, all faithfully replicating the early model M-65 parka.

  • Cotton/Nylon Fabric 
  • Wool Pocket Bags 
  • McCoy's Original Front Zipper
  • Made in Japan