The OMBRE COTTON RAYON OPEN COLLAR SHIRT is made from a soft cotton and rayon blend cloth, a texture which is noticeably reflected in the soft-focus ombre gradient. Often referred to as shadow plaid, the gradated weight served as an understated and popular alternative to the more traditional plaids that were common in 1950s sporting goods and workwear.

Plaid shirts of the era would usually have been cut from either a rayon or wool. However, the evolution of these shirts over time would see a shift towards crafting them from a blend of loosely woven, lighter weight cotton yarns and rayon blends. Benefits of the unmistakable rayon drape and natural breathability of cotton fibres made this an ideal sporting or work shirt in daytime heat.

Our OMBRE COTTON RAYON OPEN COLLAR SHIRT refers to vintage rayon blend shirt with its authentic flat hem, a detail that makes vintage pieces so sought after. Designed for versatility, these shirts were intended to be worn either tucked or untucked, often cut shorter to complement high-waisted pants.

The unique absence of a collar stand piece allows the collar to lay flat on the wearer, also giving it a distinctive appearance. Despite this, it remains versatile enough to be buttoned up using the loop collar. The construction also features a shirred back yoke, creating a full and relaxed silhouette. Additionally, the OMBRE COTTON RAYON OPEN COLLAR SHIRT features a full takase shell button placket and reinforced chest pockets with button closure. To alleviate fabric tension and enhance flexibility, chain stitch gusset side seams have been added and a reinforced yoke ensures a comfortable wear.

  • Cotton rayon blend fabric
  • Takase shell Button front
  • Reinforced chest pockets with button closure
  • Chain stitch gusset side seams
  • Machine sew button holes
  • Single button cuffs
  • Reinforce shirred yoke
  • Made in Japan