The N-1 Deck Jacket was introduced in World War II, replacing the Pea Coat in all but formal situations, due to its improved practicality. The N-1 system was a three-piece, cold weather system that included a helmet and overalls, but the Deck Jacket was often matched by sailors with other climate systems, like the N-2 and the N-3 to suit their preferences and service conditions. 

N-1s commonly featured a U.S.N stencil on the left chest, leaving the right free for insignia patches. This model features a rubberised print, applied by hand at The Real McCoy’s Kobe Headquarters. 

The N-1 Deck Jacket had experimental iterations in Navy Blue and with clasp closures, but ultimately the U.S. Navy settled on the Button & Zip Closure N-1 Khaki which was widely cherished by deck crew, who would often wear their N-1 beyond service. The N-1 Deck Jacket was phased out after the Korean War but modern systems are heavily influenced by this seminal piece.

The N-1 Deck Jacket features a distinctive lining in Alpaca, an incredibly effective insulator that has a fairly unique property of remaining warm when wet.

The jacket is constructed in a thick Cotton Cord Cloth and benefits from Wool Cuff Ribbing, Internal Waist Adjustors and a 40s-style Bell-Shaped Zipper. 

The khaki model initially shared some details with the early navy model, but quickly specifications were changed, such as the omission of alpaca pile on the inner cuffs and belt loops on the inside of the hem. This model is true to those lasting specifications and has been meticulously developed based on N-1s in our archive.

  • Cotton Cord Cloth
  • Alpaca Wool Lining
  • Wool Ribbing
  • 40s Bell-Shaped Front Zipper, Brass, Cotton Tape
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction 
  • Rubber print on left chest