The MILITARY PRINT SWEATSHIRT / RED BALL HIGHWAY features a front motif that is based on the Red Ball Express, a trucking route that transported supplies to the Allied Forces. The texture is reproduced by special printing done by hand at our own factory. The special prints are hand-applied using a variety of techniques to create a unique finish that cannot be found anywhere else. Made of 10 oz. Loopwheel knit fabric made in Wakayama, Japan, of 100% cotton on vintage Loopwheel machines, which are known to knit at a sluggish pace, with only a single meter of fabric produced every hour. When compared to contemporary manufacturing methods, Loopwheel machines apply a very low thread tension allowing the production of an exceedingly premium and unique fabric.

  • Cotton Fabric, 10 oz. (Loopwheel Knit Fabric
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Customized Hand-Work Print on Front
  • Made in Japan