From Double Diamond, the LINEN ATELIER COAT is constructed from a double woven Cotton Linen Moleskin that gives a lightly flecked, textured appearance and traces its origins to the Ateliers of 19th century France. Designed for comfort and mobility, the Atelier coat soon became an emblem of the creative class. The use of linen was in keeping with the coat’s refined sensibility. Although superseded by cotton during the industrial revolution as a fashion material, in the late 19th century, it was de rigueur for upper-class men to have a summer suit made of light-coloured linen and those aspirational qualities, combined with its breathability and therefore its suitability as an over-garment made it the ideal choice for French Artisans and Painters alike.

The original coat was an evolution of the "biaude", a French indigo-dyed farmer's blouse worn by horse traders and livestock brokers to keep a tidy appearance. The coat was almost always made from a fine linen fabric that prevented animal hair from adhering to the garment. This style of garment was of major popularity at the time due to its wide range of use and practicality for different roles, inspiring the fit and construction of the Atelier Coat that followed it.

The garment benefits from patch pockets and the chest and waist, a single internal pocket and tonal Urea buttons closing the cuff and front. To the rear is a single vent.

  • The LINEN ATELIER COAT fits long in length and the sleeves but will shrink slightly when washed - Approximately 1in in the arm
  • Three front-body pockets and one interior pocket. Two slanted for easy exterior access and storage.
  • A breathable and lightweight Cotton-Linen Moleskin fabric
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction throughout
  • Urea Buttons
  • Made in Japan