The JACQUARD KNIT STRIPE TEE is made from an 8oz jacquard jersey cloth and finished in a striped jacquard pattern.

With the jacquard loom being first introduced to America in the 19th century during a period of machine made blankets flooding the market. This jacquard technology would revolutionise the way factories could produce patterned cloth, a stark contrast to plain weaves at the time.

Traditional jersey knits from the Channel Islands had been made using wool fibres and were commonly used in the making of fisherman sweaters. By the mid-1800s, jersey fabric gained widespread recognition across Europe and the United States, establishing itself as the predominant choice for men's sports uniforms.

The early 20th century would eventually see the jersey knit fabric being used for high fashion and evening wear. Though still having strong links to workwear and undergarments, the jersey cloth would gain recognition for its versatility, breathability and soft handle with cotton being widely adopted for jersey knit fabrics.

This piece has been inspired the jacquard knit t-shirts often seen worn by Americas youth around the 1950s and 60s. Archive images show it was a popular style on Venice Beach during its counter culture surf movement.

  • 8oz jersey knit cotton
  • Jacquard knit pattern
  • Made in Japan