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100% natural essential oil made from camphor tree. A rare oil that can only be extracted in small quantities from a large amount of wood. The oil is processed from camphor trees harvested during forest maintenance that cannot be used for lumber. The cut chips are steam distilled and sent to a cooling tank to be transformed into liquid. The distilled water that accumulates in the cooling tank is crystalised into camphor powder, and the oil is pressed into essential oil. The final process of bottling is done by hand. To use the oil, drop one or two drops onto a wood block and allow it to absorb. In an enclosed space, the oil can last up to approximately a month. Due to its natural properties, if a small amount gets onto clothes, it will evaporate, so there is no need to worry about stains or odours. Many insect repellents today use chemicals. The effect of these chemicals on the human body can be concerning. The raw materials of this product is 100% natural. There is no concern for chemicals. It is a safe mothproof solution made from recycled scrap wood. We cannot recommend the use of this essential oil for any other purpose than mothproofing clothes. The oil is not to be applied directly to the skin or to be consumed.

・Natural Camphor Oil
・30ml Glass Bottle
・Made in Japan