The Red Cross Pouch Bag or ‘Ditty Bag’, as it was commonly known, was used for both field and personal property by soldiers during the first and second world wars. These bags were made and filled by volunteers who would pass them on to soldiers whilst being treated at Red Cross Hospitals. On occasions where a soldier would have areas of their uniform cut away, the Ditty bag would also be on hand to transport any personal items that they were carrying.

The Red Cross provided a lifeline for soldiers and refugees throughout the first and second world war, by donating food and making items such as scarves, quilts and various items of clothing.

The DENIM POUCH BAG has been made from a 10oz. Gray weft denim and which can be adjusted using the brown herringbone twill draw cord mechanism. The bag includes an internal pocket separator.

  • 10 oz. Gray Weft Denim
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Made in Japan