These wood blocks are made by processing parts of camphor trees harvested during forest maintentnace that cannot be used for lumber. Each block is cut into a 8cm diameter circle. The front and back of each block are carefully polished by hand to avoid damaging clothes. The branding on both the front and the back is also done by hand. Hanging this wood block in a closet or chest of drawers will help to mothproof and deodorise. The natural smell of camphor wood repels insects, so the more enclosed the closet is, the more effective it will be. The wood block itself also has insect repelling properties. A drop or two of the oil on the wood will last for up to approximately one month in an enclosed space. The wood block will also begin to age well with time and use. The cotton braids with brass tips are custom made with durability and aging in mind. Many insect repellents today use chemicals. The effect of these chemicals on the human body can be concerning. The raw materials of this product is 100% natural. There is no concern for chemicals. It is a safe mothproof solution made from recycled scrap wood. 

・Camphor Wood
・Cotton Braid, Brass Ends
・Made in Japan