100% natural camphor powder made from camphor tree. Camphor powder is made by processing camphor trees harvested during forest maintenance that could not be used for lumber. The crystals are extracted through steam distillation. This powder has been used as a moth proofing agent for kimonos in Japan since ancient times, and was so effective that it was exported as 'Japanese Refined Camphor' not only domestically, but also overseas. The powder is wrapped in Japanese paper allow it to be placed directly on clothing without transfering odour or causing stains. When placed in a wardrobe, placing it in the four corners is the most effective way to prevent insects from entering. The contents will eventually vapourise, so please replace it as soon as the contents are gone. Also, the amount of content loss will vary depending on the environment. Each package is hand-stamped with the word 'DATE,' allowing users to write down the date they started using the product to remind them when to replace them. The 15g in the sachet can last for up to approximately a year in a sealed space. Many insect repellents today use chemicals. The effect of these chemicals on the human body can be concerning. The raw materials of this product is 100% natural. There is no concern for chemicals. It is a safe mothproof solution made from recycled scrap wood. This product is made from 100% natural raw materials. This product is not edible. 

・Natural Camphor Powder
・4.5g each (12 Included)
・Made in Japan