The BUCO / CHARGER presents a slimline acetate frame that gained popularity among bikers in the 1960s, most notably by members outlaw motorcycle clubs, as evidenced by archival images capturing individuals wearing similar frames.

Establishing his first company in 1910 focused on Aviator Goggles, Joseph Buegeleisen's expertise in aviation safety likely played a pivotal role in shaping the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts in subsequent years. Early motorcycle goggles represented an initial application of safety glass, incorporating a celluloid layer in between two glass layers to mitigate shattering, a design akin to contemporary car windshields.

Building upon these innovations, the mid-20th century witnessed the use of acetate, an early synthetic fibre that emerged from the rapid developments in plastic technologies. Made from a composition of bio polymers sourced from wood pulp or natural cotton fibres, acetate became a preferred material for sunglasses manufacturing, praised for being a light weight and comfortable alternative to earlier plastics.

  • Acetate Frame
  • Glass Lenses
  • Made in Japan