For Style and Comfort, you can’t beat Buco’s Quality Stripe Tees!

The thick two-tone stripe tee is synonymous with the outlaw Biker scene of the 1950s. Aesthetically inferring prison stripes, club members adopted thick two-tone stripe jerseys, often worn under Biker ‘Cuts’ as a counter-culture rejection to the dapper style of pre-war motorcycle meet-ups. Motorcycling emerged as a substitute for wartime experiences for many veterans but the act of men socialising post-war was in itself an anti-establishment concept. This combined with the more casual, rugged aesthetic of men returning from War in Europe redefined the prevailing style of American Motorcyle Club members, but more noticeably in the ‘Outlaw’ clubs on the fringes of biker culture.

Media sensationalising of the 1947 Hollister Riot catalysed an association of post-war American Motorcycle Clubs as being occupied by misfits and rebels and this affiliation was further cemented by depictions in classic American cinema throughout the 50s and 60s where the thick stripe tee could be used as a shorthand to depict a characters anti establishmentarianism.

The White x Blue Stripe Tee seen here is one of 6 different colorways in the BUCO STRIPE TEE. Please note that both the White x Blue and Black x Mustard colors, as released in 2023 have received minor updates that may be noticed by owners of existing colors.

You can expect less shrinkage when washing and a slightly looser chest when compared to:

Black/White, Olive/Black, Salmon/Yellow.

  • 100% Cotton Jersey
  • Cotton sewing thread construction
  • Made in Japan