The BUCO F/Z SWEATSHIRT / BUCO OVAL LOGO is a full-zip hooded sweatshirt made in Wakayama, Japan. This piece is reminiscent of the heavy-weight, over-specced promotional sweatshirts of the 70s. Constructed of 100% cotton knitted on Sinker Weave Machines, which are capable of producing a heavier and denser fabric than loopwheel machines. Sinker machines were the natural successor to loopwheel machines due to their increased speed in fabric production.

The BUCO F/Z PARKA SWEATSHIRT features tonal logo embroidery on the hood and BUCO branded drawstring aglets.

  • Cotton Fabric, 12 oz. (High-Dense Sinker Knit Fabric)
  • Buco Branded Cotton Drawstrings
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Buco Oval Logo Embroidery on Hood
  • Made in Japan