Crafted from cotton twill and composed of six panels, the BASEBALL CAP / FOURTH BUT FIRST showcases custom patches inspired by the 4th Fighter Wing. During the Korean War, these caps became a common souvenir among airmen.

The artwork that gained popularity on World War II flight jackets faced disapproval through the Korean War, leading airmen to shift their focus to caps as a means of expressing individuality and fostering camaraderie among squadron members.

Customisation and design motifs that distinguish squadrons continue to counterpoint the uniformity of the United States Airforce; with motifs appearing on scarves, emblems and local made garments containing a deep history, which makes some of these units so iconic.

The 4th Fighter Wing, also known as the Fighting Eagles, have been operating since 1942, first being activated in England and comprising of former U.S. members of RAF Eagle Squadrons. Earning a reputation as a unit that can achieve significant results during the great war, the entry into the Korean war in the 1950s would ultimately see the unit produce six ace pilots.

For 70 years the 4th Fighter Wing have persisted in setting a standard of excellence in air power and defence. The motto ‘Fourth but First” is a phrase that follows a series of “firsts” in the squadron, having being the first airforce unit to be activated in the European Theatre of war during WW2, where they were the first group to engage in the destruction of enemy aircraft. They would also be the first wing to deploy to Korea, where they responded to USS Pueblo crisis in 1968. They were additionally the inaugural wing to receive the F-15E Strike Eagle, which was deployed during Operation Desert Storm.

  • 100% cotton twill
  • Embroidered patch on front and side panel
  • Print on back panel
  • Made in Japan