Loopwheel T-shirts are the antithesis to disposable, fast-fashion. The process to create a seamless loopwheel tee is painstaking compared to modern methods but the results are unparalleled.

The T-shirt originated as a standard undergarment for the US Navy between 1898 and 1904 and its military legacy is reflected in the AMERICAN ATHLETIC TEE / CAMP CROFT. Between the 1930s and 60s t-shirts made from Loopwheel fabric were relatively common but remained sought after for their unique properties. This loopwheel tee is knitted in Wakayama, Japan, using extremely rare machines, known in Japan as Tsuriami-ki and even rarer skill and technique, exclusively for The Real McCoy’s and has been flock printed in navy with a distinctive raised texture.

Camp Croft

The flock printing itself pays homage to the Camp Croft U.S. Army training facility located near Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was established in 1940 and served as a basic training center for soldiers during World War II. At its peak, the camp could accommodate up to 50,000 soldiers at a time and was one of the largest military installations in the southeastern United States. After the war, the camp was deactivated and the land was returned to civilian use. The bald eagle, a symbol of the U.S. as its national bird is often adopted by the U.S. Army in seals and insignia.

More About Loopwheel

Loopwheel machines are renowned for their slow knitting pace, producing only a single meter of fabric per hour. However, this low thread tension technique is what sets them apart from contemporary manufacturing methods and creates an exceptional and distinctive fabric. The resulting material is reminiscent of hand-woven textiles and possesses a unique stretchy quality that cannot be replicated by modern production techniques. The key difference lies in the loopwheel machine's oval-shaped sequence of knitting, which allows the fabric to stretch comfortably with wear and return to its original dimensions after washing. The tee made from this fabric is designed to have a standard fit, with no seams and made from high-quality cotton, resulting in a supremely comfortable and superior quality tee.

  • Standard Fit
  • Tubular Construction
  • 6.8oz. Loop-wheel knit fabric
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Navy Flock Printed Graphic
  • Requires washing inside out due to the delicate nature of the print
  • Made in Japan