The 8 Hour Union label draws inspiration from the era of the start of factory production, consumption and overall increase in domestic economy in the United States that followed after the First World War and continued to accelerate after World War II. The garments that were created during this period remain as stylish and functional now as they were then; often being highly sought after amongst vintage collectors. Using our vast archive of vintage clothing and keen attention to detail, this golden age is captured in each and every piece produced under the 8 Hour Union Label.

The moleskin fabric used for this shirt is a reproduction of a cloth which was widely used for hunting jackets during the 1920s and 30s using a dobby loom to create a double weave. The unique low-tension weave created by the dobby loom, combined with the inherent slubbiness of the yarn has a texture that is not available on the modern market.

  • Double Weave Cotton Fabric
  • Urea Button
  • Made in Japan