Joe McCoy

Joseph Geiting McCoy, a legendary cattle baron from Illinois is the inspiration for The Real McCoy’s casual line, Joe McCoy. When admiring an aged vintage jacket, for example, paying attention to details like the fabric and the positioning of the pockets will reveal the purpose that it served during the era it was produced. The story of Joe McCoy lives on through the generations as the attitude and approach toward garment manufacturing remains unchanged.

Immigrants who crossed the Atlantic Ocean with the vision of building a better life in the United States, brought with them a variety of cultures and traditions upon their arrival to the new promised land. The discrepancy of behaviors and customs within the new immigrant population caused friction. However, in the midst of these cultural differences, a unique evolution began to take place. This new melting pot culture and the demands of labour paved the way for new and original lifestyles, including the arena of clothing and music.

When discussing the history of the United States, the style and fashion of the 1950s epitomize what American culture is all about. It was during this time that the growing consumption demands were met by mass production, and new materials were being developed and tested. Yet the conservation of high quality and handmade production remained pivotal during this time, a fading trait in contemporary American manufacturing today.

Uniforms and standardized work wear were replaced by casual fashion, as Americans of the 1950s embraced their new freedom.

So what is the connotation of authentic Americana? It is essential to pay close attention to the conservative days of Pre-War America. It was during this time that the first prototypes for garments and products were manufactured using natural materials like leather, wool, and cotton.