The Real McCoy's Uniforms U.S. NAVY CHAMBRAY L/S SHIRT is a reproduction of the WW2 U.S. Navy sailor uniform shirt. Originally introduced in 1913 by the USN, the chambray shirt has a rich history of being a menswear staple many years before it was adopted by the military. It was described in 1941 by the United States Navy Uniform Regulations as part of a uniform "worn by officers and enlisted men when engaged in work which by reason of its nature would soil their other uniforms... this pertains more particularly to those in the engineers force, to artisans, and mechanicians, to the deck force when scaling or painting the ship or handling stores.” The garment was worn by many in the USN including sailors and Chief Petty Officers by virtue of its versatility as a uniform piece. For cost effectiveness, the Chambray shirt underwent a number of simplifications throughout its manufacture, while this model is true to the more elaborate and considered early iterations.

The U.S. NAVY CHAMBRAY L/S SHIRT is constructed from a lightweight 5oz cotton chambray, featuring navy blue urea buttons, selvedge gusseted hem and symmetrical buttoned patch pockets to the chest. The collar structure accurately recreates the elegant profile of Navy shirts, while the cuffs are broader than those found on most shirts, a feature believed to facilitate the rolling up of the sleeves. The shirt's body is tailored with a narrow width, and the length is cut with the expectation that it will be tucked in.

  • Lightweight 5oz cotton
  • Navy blue urea buttons
  • Selvedge detailing
  • Made in Japan