The WOOL DONKEY JACKET is a work jacket, synonymous with the British working class. Simple in construction and hard wearing, our WOOL DONKEY JACKET has been made from a soft melton wool with a horsehide leather yoke panel, a feature that makes the jacket instantly recognisable.

Following the pattern of a 19th century sack coat the WOOL DONKEY JACKET was a protective garment for workers in steel and pottery factories and famously worn by British Miners. With workers seen taking to the streets in the miners strikes of the 80s, the jacket would begin to be adopted by punk subculture and musicians of the time.

The Real McCoy’s has faithfully reproduced an early WOOL DONKEY JACKET with no side seams and a luxurious melton wool. The horsehide yoke is seen in a matte finish, achieved by using as little leather treatment as possible for a more natural appearance. Other details include a nut button closure and two patch pockets.

  • 100% melton wool
  • 100% horsehide leather yoke
  • 100% cotton sewing thread
  • Nut button closure
  • Made in Japan