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As World War II ended, the U.S. Navy began adapting to new challenges that arose from tensions with Stalin's Russia. The AL-1 Flight Jacket and separate Hood was one of the early designs from this period. It was designed for use in very cold areas, which became more strategically important as the Cold War began.

The USN AL-1 FLIGHT JACKET is a flight jacket that was adopted by the Navy and Marine Corps in 1947. Made from a brushed cotton cloth finished with an alpaca wool lining, the jacket was developed as series of winter systems by BUAERO (Bureau of Naval Aviation) during the nations postwar era of change, visually this piece sets itself apart from other parkas and jackets, however the model 55J13 finds itself sequential to the G-1 55J14, which tells us this piece was a flight jacket.

The unique design features of the USN AL-1 FLIGHT JACKET include a ribbed cloth inside the hand-warmer chest pockets and hidden pocket detail on the backside of the front placket. This is also accessible even when front zipper has been closed.

The USN AL-1 FLIGHT JACKET was developed along side an AL-1 / HOOD, PARKA which could be worn optionally with jacket. This can in fact be layered upon with a range of jackets and not just the AL-1. This is a 1948 contract that was later developed into the H-18374 hood that was developed for Vietnam.

  • 100% cotton brush
  • Alpaca wool lining
  • Cotton sewing thread construction
  • Wool rib detailing
  • Wire zip, aluminium finish
  • Made in Japan