From Joe McCoy SPORTSWEAR, the WOOL STRIPE OPEN-COLLAR SHIRT is a wool open-collar shirt, in a double-weave fabric with Selvedge, woven on a traditional Schoenherr loom with a dobby mechanism. This shuttle-type loom, used in Japan from the Taisho Period of the Meiji Era through the early Showa era, gives the material a depth and cushion that cannot be achieved with regular high-speed looms. The result is a texture that faithfully recreates the vintage examples.

The cut of the shirt echoes mid-century casual shirting; the flat hem, collar shape, and cat-eye buttons are all designed to reflect vintage examples of classic open-collar shirting.

The shirt benefits from symmetrical flap pockets to the chest, commonly seen in the 50s & 60s.

  • Classic-style double-weave wool
  • Cats-eye Urea buttons
  • Cotton-sewing thread construction
  • Made in Japan