A BALLPARK Product, inspired by the vintage henley shirts that were popular with union workers throughout the U.S. in the pre-war era. The UNION HENLEY UNDERSHIRT L/S is crafted from plain rib cotton, and is distinguished by its two-tone button placket with contrast overlocking finish, closed with Urea buttons.

Originating as an undergarment worn by 19th-century Englishmen, it was co-opted by rowers in the Royal Regatta, in the English town of Henley, Oxfordshire — giving the shirt its name.

The henley's practicality extended beyond sportswear, eventually becoming a uniform for railroad and factory workers in both England and America. Worn as a layer beneath work uniforms, it reduced the need for frequent washing of work shirts and overalls.

Made in Japan with a cotton sewing thread construction.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Three urea cats eye buttons
  • White cotton button placket
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • Made in Japan