The MILITARY 1/4 ZIP SWEATSHIRT / USAFA has been made from a 10oz loopwheel cotton fabric and finished with a true to the era zip closure fastening and rubber USAFA stencil.

The 10 oz. Loopwheel Cotton is knitted in Wakayama, Japan, using extremely rare machines, known in Japan as Tsuriami-ki and even rarer skill and technique, exclusively for The Real McCoy’s.

The quarter-zip sweatshirt was used by the US Army Air Force in the 1960s during athletics training. A wide variety of manufacturers would produce these for the military with the reverse weave construction proving to be a favourite.

The reverse weave technique was first used in 1938 and requires a heavy weight cotton cut along the cross-grain as opposed to stitching the sweatshirt vertically. This revolutionary technique eliminates shrinkage and helps maintain the shape of the sweatshirt for longer.

  • Loopwheel Cotton Fabric, 10 oz.
  • Cotton Sewing Thread Construction
  • USAFA rubber Rubber Print on Left Chest
  • Made in Japan