The Joe McCoy MOHAIR CARDGIAN takes its cue from the menswear trends of the 1960s, but it truly gained prominence in the 1990s during the grunge movement. 

Mohair, derived from the Angora goat, is known for its durability, natural elasticity, and flame resistance. In traditional vintage mohair sweaters, nylon or polyester often serves as the core yarn, with mohair yarns woven into it. This combination is knitted together to elevate the texture of the fabric, enhancing both production and processing efficiency. However, with the JM MOHAIR CARDIGAN, the core yarn itself consists of natural fibers, and the mohair yarn is meticulously wrapped around it. This technique imparts a feeling of substantial weight and superior warmth. The final touch of raising the fabric is executed by hand, one garment at a time, utilizing specialized roller machines.

  • 80% Mohair, 20% Wool
  • Symmetrical Waist Pockets
  • Cat Eye Buttons
  • Made in Japan