From the 1950s and onwards, the image of denim as a workwear fabric began to shift as it was adopted by the youth. Today, denim is considered a staple fashion item. In the 1970s, when blue dominated the denim scene, new changes were a foot: Black denim appeared on the market. At the time, the US punk and rock scenes were heating up, so black denim was the perfect apparel for those seeking to embody a theme of resistance and iconoclasm. The influence of black denim spread to everything from T-shirts to pants, with the all-black look becoming a new fashion. Black denim is today a staple, but it in fact emerged out of cultural change.  

This is a bespoke black denim washed to create a worn-in, aged look. The shape is the same as the 996 BK.


  • 14.5oz. Right Twill Denim 
  • Deerskin Label 
  • Garment Washed and Processed
  • Made in Japan