The Civilian Irregular Defense Group (CIDG) was devised in the early 1960s to develop paramilitary units by recruiting local South Vietnamese troops for the Vietnam War. Some of the Special Forces' members who supported these missions were equipped with what is known as ‘Beo Gam’ camouflage uniforms. These fabrics were supplied by CISO (Counter Insurgency Support Center) who were also known for supplying the famous Tiger Stripe camouflage uniforms.  

The shorts are made using Beo Gam camouflage fabric. ‘Beo Gam’ translates as 'Leopard' in Vietnamese. There are some differences in these shorts in comparison with the tiger stripe shorts. The cargo pockets are larger and unlike the tiger stripe bottoms, the beo gam shorts feature waist adjusters and the front piece of the button opening is cut in a diagonal direction.

  • Hand Printed Camouflage Fabric 
  • 13 Star Riveted Button
  • Made in Japan