The CAP, WOOL, KNIT, M-1941, commonly known as the "Jeep Cap," is a classic piece of military headwear introduced by the U.S. military in November of ‘41, the same year as the notable Helmet, Steel, M1.

Made from knitted wool, this cap was designed to provide warmth and comfort to soldiers in cold weather conditions. The nickname "Jeep Cap" originated from its frequent use by soldiers riding in open-top jeeps. The cap's short brim and snug fit allowed it to be worn beneath helmets, offering additional warmth and protection from the elements. Its simple and functional design has made it a popular choice not only among military personnel but also among civilians, leading to its enduring legacy as an iconic piece of military-inspired fashion.

As with vintage caps, the brim core is made of cardboard, this allows for the shape of the cap to be manipulated and age organically with use, but washing should be avoided.

  • 100% wool
  • Adjustable cardboard brim
  • Made in Japan