The M-421A was manufactured from 1940 to 1943. The early model has two flap pockets at the waistline, an inner pocket, and an elbow pad. The later model has two flap pockets at the waistline, left chest pocket, and no elbow patch. Because the difference between M421 and M421A are not distinguishable, both the early and the later model designs can be found on jackets labeled M421A.

This M-421A has been customised using Flying Tigers imagery. 'Fei Hu' is embroidered on the back which translates to 'Flying Tiger' in Chinese. The inspiration of this embroidery was taken from a vintage AVG souvenir banner. Attached to the inside of the jacket is a blood chit patch that states "助戦 Helping War" rather than "参戦 Participating" with a red stamp impressed on the center. The number on the left end is not printed, but stamped, and the Chinese characters 美國 is added using a brush. The fabric of the blood chit is 100% Japanese silk that has been re-dyed to recreate an authentic look.

  • Base Jacket: MJ21004
  • Cotton Twill
  • Talon Front Zipper
  • Left Chest: Leather Print Patch 
  • Right Inner Lining: Silk Blood Chit 
  • Back: Embroidery
  • Made in Japan