The affordability and practically of the M-51 field Parka is what led to its widespread use by the mods of England. Dating back to the start of the cold war, countless military surplus items barely used by the U.S Army were left behind and were sold throughout Western Europe, but primarily in the UK. Emulating the Italian fashion, the working class aspired to dress in exquisite wool suits and ride scooters, and would spend all their money to do so. 

These expensive suits though were susceptible to damage, as the exhaust from the two stroke scooters would spit out oil. This circumstance led to the rise in popularity of the M-51 parka, as it was used as a protective layer over expensive wool suits. This reproduction of the M-51 jacket which was in production during 1951. It was the only year that used heavy back sateen fabric instead of cotton poplin.

  • Cotton Sateen Fabric
  • McCoy's Zipper
  • Urea Buttons
  • Made in Japan